Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What You Choose To Expose Them To!

Something short and sweet! Today, we started Mandarin class for kids and I met the nicest mother. Its interesting what parents decide to expose their children to, that was the focus of our discussion. Here her son is 7 years old, clearly bi-racial, and he has already traveled the world extensively. He was extremely intelligent, well mannered and I found him to be a very caring little boy. He instantly went into "protect" mode with my daughter when the kid's finished class. His mother shared her background with me and I was so pleased to learn of the differences and commonalities in our child rearing experiences. 
As for my daughter, I had to lie to get her into the class. She is two and I told the school she is three because Lord knows the child acts like she is 25. I decided a long time ago that the "velcro" approach to throwing her into as much as I can and seeing what sticks is the direction we have to go in until we have more clear focus. Whatever needs to be done to expose her to the best education and activities is the focus we, as her parents, are committed to provide. So far I am enjoying watching my little "sponge" flourish in so many directions. We have made many viable friendships and she continues to learn and enrich her experience.Tomorrow we will be in art class!

I consider it an honor and a great omen that my daughter would start Chinese School on the Chinese New Year and that this is the Year of the Dragon! It all resonates deeply in her foundation as the great person I am grooming her to be. Zài Jiàn and good night!


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