Monday, September 26, 2011

A Very Good Read!

Here is an article that a very good friend is featured in (E. Lewis) talking about a topic that I am currently dealing with within my family. Check it out!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back On The Wire

Apparently we decided to take the summer off. Benita, being a mother to a little gorgeous newbie has done well keeping our space alive. My two and a half year older wears me out and I love it. The best thing about having a child as an "adult" is you get to rediscover the world again. So my latest attempt to renew myself for the purpose of being is good mother, is running. Mind you, prior to baby I was relatively active. However post baby (PB) I am a lazy Lima bean at best! So after 30 years, a jacked up knee and a baby at 40, I decided to take up running so that can I lose the weight and have the energy to run after my mini Energizer Bunny.

Having a preschooler in Brooklyn the most current obsession are:

-Where are we going to school?
-Do we go Private, Pulic, or Charter?
-How much are we going to have to pay?
-Which park should we go to tomorrow?
-How do I make today interesting without resorting to NickJr?

After 20+ years of education, I am happy to say this is what consumes me...What about you?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Inspiration of the Day"

It is when you are willing to listen to yourself and be fearless that figuring out your next step becomes easy.

Friday, July 8, 2011


I just relized it's ok to SCREAM!!!! As I sat in my bathroom earrrrly this morning, I thought about yesterday when I let out the biggest scream ever. Now I must say how everybody that was home thought something happened to myself or one of the kids.... but NO I was just FRUSTRATED OUT OF MY HEAD (lol) and at the time, not only was it he right thing to do... but it felt really good!!!!! Did I mention it was theraputic, once I let that go, it was "back to business". So parents, every now and then I encourage you to get somewhere and let out a good ole scream when you are frustrated and watch how good it feels. Wheewww...... better now!
Benita 42

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sensitive... or DeSensitized?

....ok now Ladies please feel free to comment. Is it me or after 40 and after more than 1 or 2 children you become more sensitive or desensitive to the goings on with them? At times when my newborn(5.5 months) begins to cry I look over to her (thinking.. she's dry, fed..etc) and continue with the cleaning that Im already engrossed in. Now that don't make me a bad mom... Im just a busy mom (don't judge me) LOL. Now with my 7 going on 8 year old is wanting my attention... I ask him "aren't you too old to be acting like that"? but is he? Then I have the 24 going on 25 year old... and when she needs my help or attention.... I ask her "can you get the baby... don't you hear her crying".... then she asks.... "Where's daddy"? Whewwww so DESENSITIZED (today)...NO JUDGMENTS
Benita 42

"Inspiration Of The Day"... To Thyself... Be True!!!

..... Moms, don't overdoit!!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Inspiration of the Day"....

"Just as the universe wants to provide for our needs, it also seeks to protect us from dangerous situations, destructive relationships, and even minor inconveniences."

Friday, June 24, 2011

Taking FEAR out of conception after "40"....

We women in our 40's, and even late 30's have had some Fears about conception in this stage of our life due to "Birth Defects". Once a women become a certain age, Dr's categorize us as High Risk, high risk of our babies born with all types of issues and or complications. They begin doing all kinds test on you and your un-born child (if you allow) to "rule out" or "confirm" their concerns. Now let me say, you should follow every precaution to make sure you and you future legacy are safe, but this can bring a lot of anxieties and pre-mature nervousness and or fear. Do not allow FEAR to hinder you from conception! We are very fortunate to have doctors, resources, research etc. to dispel and calm ones fears. So I encourage you to put away Fear, and look forward to conception after 40!!!
Benita ;) 42

"Inspiration of the Day"........ Be not weary on well doing, you will reap if you faint not!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Older Mother- More or Less Experienced!

So early in my Mommydome I caught a few episodes of "16 And Pregnant"! Wow, from the 'mature' standpoint I thought, "how wonderful a show educated the youth about the challenges of being a mother". Then I watched the show.

I found myself relating wholeheartedly to the same plights as these teenagers. We were having similar anxieties and difficulties adjusting to this new life. From the pregnancy fears, new life responsibilities, to "how do I care for this person?"- What a crazy circumstance to be a grown adult and totally relate more to this life altering event when you cant even understand the music of today's teens. I saw girls who were as tired as I was, who didn't care so much about "being cute" anymore. Their entire beings belonged to a person less that ten pounds in most cases. I definitely could relate.

Now, with a budding two year older I tend to think my adult experience affords me the ability to be an understanding, compassionate and educated mother. However, the latest quandary is for all my experience my little girl seems, daily, to be smarter than me. We shall see if experience prevails in this instance.

Welcome to 40 + Babies

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