Monday, June 18, 2012

40+Babies: Growing Pains

40+Babies: Growing Pains: Father's Day was a blast for my daughter. She enjoyed her first real movie theater experience. It was like her " first date " where she sat...

Growing Pains

Father's Day was a blast for my daughter. She enjoyed her first real movie theater experience. It was like her "first date" where she sat with Daddy (too small for the theater seats) totally enveloped by the big screen. It was nice to see the wonder and excitement in her face. Frankly I have always been afraid of the movies but she took it all in stride.

Honestly, lately I have been just marveling at my daughter's growth, the time that has passed, and where we are now. When your baby first comes you have no idea of what the future holds. Watching them grow is incredible. The stages seem like they will last forever when really they are over in the blink of an eye. At 3, she truly makes hilarious jokes. The conversations we have are smart and pleasantly sensitive.  However, recently I have had a slight air of sadness. Each day I watch my child, I realize that all this time I have spent with a baby is coming to an end rapidly. All this time living with all the emotion, love, worry and and ambivalence that has been the motherhood experience since they put her in my arms. Sometimes there is comfort in all that anxiety! Now my girl is transitioning out of "baby" and into "big girl", and guess what all new anxieties arise. She has a friends, although their status varies daily, my daughter has reached the point of discerning who she will and will not be friends with by her own standards. Of course whoever has the coolest toy helps!

Right now we are in the middle of "Mommy, I don't want to wear that!!", "Can we go to the zoo?", "Do you want your face painted Mommy-Baby?"- She is a person with her own identity. At today's pick up in school I learned that, for now, she wants to be a doctor and a mermaid! Essentially, with her own opinions and approaches to situations, its time to realize that pampers and pacifiers are a thing of the distant past. Its all sparkly shoes and tutus for now!

So many mothers have come before me and I love to learn from their experiences. Truly with age comes wisdom. This journey reveals so many things about life, and about  how a new person develops. Right now I just want to share the wonder that is the incredible person I watch bloom daily! She inspires me!