Thursday, March 7, 2013

We're Baaaaaack!!! The Adventures of Three

Its been far too long since I have had the presence of mind to sit down and share my thoughts. To provide updated news briefs on the adventures of motherhood and the person responsible for all of this, my sweet daughter. I'm not even sure where we left off but I will say this, unequivocally THREE YEARS OLD IS NO JOKE!!!! So the "Terrible 2s"...yeah well we kinda got lucky with 2 years old. She became firmly ensconced in her independence, we got very cool glimpses of her developing personality. It was a pleasure to see her become more socially aware. Then she turned three!!!

Now you have heard about some her three your old antics in previous posts. I assure your things got real (ahem... I mean REAL) around three and a half. She has plenty of personality !! The humor with this kid is NON STOP!!! Seriously, she is a character with stories, jokes and an incredible imagination. She is bossy as hell, and for the life of me I don't know where that trait is coming from... okay zip it!

So updates, the little girl finally is in a school that is challenging her advanced acumen, developing her social skills further, as well as affording her the opportunity to experience various creative outlets- dance, violin, art, etc. We love the staff. Her teachers are very attentive and intuitive. They teach those kids and they enjoy their learning experience. One thing I never anticipated in becoming a mother and working to find the best educational fit for our daughter- I love the way she learns, she enjoys it and  is doing really well. Its astonishing to see a 3 year old read books, write words, begin expressing math principles. That's what these children are doing now. Its a shame that we don't appreciate learning more when we are children, because it really is amazing to "watch" the neurotransmitters of a 3 year older fire away!!

The little girl is a total self contained unit. "I can do it myself"- "I don't need help"- " Do it this way, who taught you this Mommy?"- Now my challenges are on a whole new level. How do I raise a powerful, strong self aware and secure black girl without quelling her spirit and kicking her teeth in? We hope that our children are smart and talented. When they are, the reality is, that fact makes you as the parent have to navigate on an entirely different level.

Less than 30 days until she turns 4! At this point, its a day by day deal. Can I trust that "oh she will calm down by 4"? Do I believe that the more she learns, the more she experiences, the more she matures the more I can handle that she is an individual to be reckoned with? Yes, she came here through me for a reason. For all the challenges the rewards are immeasurable. I am grateful to have a beautiful, intelligent, talented and intuitive little girl. With prayer and my best guidance she will continue to flourish into an incredibly amazing woman. She is capable of nothing less!

Feels good to be back