Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Mothering of The Mother

How many times have you found the love and compassion you need from your child? My daughter is 3 years old and without pause she is always saying, "don't worry Mommy, don't worry"...So now I wonder (and worry) what has she learned about me that requires her to make sure I don't go overboard on the worry? Is she parroting or am I projecting? These are the burning questions.

Oftentimes, parents feel like their children cant handle the burden of emotional outlet. In my extremely limited experience as a mother I am finding quite the contrary to be true. The unconditional love, constant observation process and expressed intuition of a child is amazing. There have been numerous times when a child has tapped right into my emotional state of being and their capacity to clue in is overwhelming. More so, I have learned to respect that it is possible that a child's gift is to be able to sense whats going on with the adults around them. Dare I say as a coping mechanism. "Mommy is really happy" so the child then acts accordingly. For me its when I am trying to camouflage a deeper issue and my daughter says, "Mommy you want me to hug you?". All I can think is "dude, you are tight with your intuituon, I DIG THAT ABOUT YOU!!!" Is that primal instinct?

It is their innocence that allows them to be so well tuned? Clearly its not learned because then more adults would have the ability for incredible compassion. If you are spiritual, its possible that angels or some unseen force require the child to listen with more than just ears. Really I do not know!

This may be the utter ramblings of a very tired Mommy but this space if my outlet for all things in my head. Lately, I have chosen to respect my child's intuition and ability to sense exactly what I need. Its to be enjoyed now because soon external factors may filter that special quality down. Lets hope not!

Check out this article and hopefully some clarity will be gained. Cheers!

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  1. Chana,
    What you describe is primal .... It helps us to survive childhood, imagine not having that instinct and you are growing up in an abusive household.... You could get beat to death because you don't even know there is a storm on the horizon.
    Kids are intuitive and they sense so many things, that we grow oblivious to as we grow older. So stay in touch with your inner-child, it isn't as bad a thing as some people would like you to think.