Friday, June 24, 2011

Taking FEAR out of conception after "40"....

We women in our 40's, and even late 30's have had some Fears about conception in this stage of our life due to "Birth Defects". Once a women become a certain age, Dr's categorize us as High Risk, high risk of our babies born with all types of issues and or complications. They begin doing all kinds test on you and your un-born child (if you allow) to "rule out" or "confirm" their concerns. Now let me say, you should follow every precaution to make sure you and you future legacy are safe, but this can bring a lot of anxieties and pre-mature nervousness and or fear. Do not allow FEAR to hinder you from conception! We are very fortunate to have doctors, resources, research etc. to dispel and calm ones fears. So I encourage you to put away Fear, and look forward to conception after 40!!!
Benita ;) 42

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