Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Older Mother- More or Less Experienced!

So early in my Mommydome I caught a few episodes of "16 And Pregnant"! Wow, from the 'mature' standpoint I thought, "how wonderful a show educated the youth about the challenges of being a mother". Then I watched the show.

I found myself relating wholeheartedly to the same plights as these teenagers. We were having similar anxieties and difficulties adjusting to this new life. From the pregnancy fears, new life responsibilities, to "how do I care for this person?"- What a crazy circumstance to be a grown adult and totally relate more to this life altering event when you cant even understand the music of today's teens. I saw girls who were as tired as I was, who didn't care so much about "being cute" anymore. Their entire beings belonged to a person less that ten pounds in most cases. I definitely could relate.

Now, with a budding two year older I tend to think my adult experience affords me the ability to be an understanding, compassionate and educated mother. However, the latest quandary is for all my experience my little girl seems, daily, to be smarter than me. We shall see if experience prevails in this instance.

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