Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back On The Wire

Apparently we decided to take the summer off. Benita, being a mother to a little gorgeous newbie has done well keeping our space alive. My two and a half year older wears me out and I love it. The best thing about having a child as an "adult" is you get to rediscover the world again. So my latest attempt to renew myself for the purpose of being is good mother, is running. Mind you, prior to baby I was relatively active. However post baby (PB) I am a lazy Lima bean at best! So after 30 years, a jacked up knee and a baby at 40, I decided to take up running so that can I lose the weight and have the energy to run after my mini Energizer Bunny.

Having a preschooler in Brooklyn the most current obsession are:

-Where are we going to school?
-Do we go Private, Pulic, or Charter?
-How much are we going to have to pay?
-Which park should we go to tomorrow?
-How do I make today interesting without resorting to NickJr?

After 20+ years of education, I am happy to say this is what consumes me...What about you?

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