Thursday, February 23, 2012

Black History Month Toddler Style

"Mommy do you know Malcolm X? I know him and he is scrong!!" To hear those words come from a two year old is an amazing thing. Then the next day, "I heard the pointer..No Pointer"- She was talking to me about Noel Pointer, jazz violinist. In this first Black History Month of my daughter being of the age of academic learning and socialization, she has retained so much information about the heros and she-ros of our culture. Its amazing to see how the human sponge brain of a two year old works. For her to relate to Madame CJ Walker, Harriet Tubman, and Sojourner Truth as people who look like her with "really interesting stories"- (her words not mine) is not only refreshing but gives me hope that the subtle infusions of Nick Jr and Disney wont totally warp her sensibility.

We started this month reading about Martin Luther King, trying to get her to say his full name properly what the biggest challenge and the most fun. Game sites like,, and the few board games that I was able to purchase that focus on African American notable figures. My daughter has been able to view on the computer and through interactive play that people that look like her are powerful, smart and amazing!

Of course this is only the beginning of her journey through empowerment through learning. Now to be the corny mother but its awesome to be the proponent and witness to the beginning of this person's life journey. She is learning so much too fast and its a balance to revel in her greatness as well and guide her learning strengths. Keep us in your prayers and in positive light always!



  1. This is amazing! I think you have a little genius on your hands! Talking about Malcolm at age 2?? I can honestly say I did not know much about him until I was a teenager! You should be proud. I am so impressed that you are taking the proactive stance in educating her and not waiting until she is "school-age" by what society tries to mandate!

  2. Thank you Maishah!!! Coming from you thats big! Long ago I learned that people learn more from 0-5yrs than in their entire lives. So my plan has been to just immerse her in as much as possible and then some.