Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Day That A Difference Makes

Our last post  was a bit of an emotional rant about my daughter adjusting to new surroundings in her school. What I considered an overload of potty training, new sleep habit training, new friends, new school and what I consider an all around household of chaos. Needless to say it took a very good friend of mine to reel me in and told me to "relax, and give yourself a break". Definitely words and support that were needed and on time.

The day my daughter went in and gave an emotional appeal to not wanting to be in where she was truly gripping. Today, she ran into school, waving and saying "hello" to teacher and classmates. So I wondered, how a day of the same routines and people can garner such different results. The life of a toddler must be riddled with so much emotion. The constant learning, the movement of daily occurrences, so many things going on in their lives as we try to teach them.

Just a short update that today was drastically different from yesterday. When I asked my daughter last night how she felt about her school she was fine. All the fear and emotion was gone, at that moment. As she grows into new experiences she will learn that baseless fear is a useless emotion.


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