Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Overwhelming Love- Happy Valentine's Day

Today is the day in which we publicly acknowledge and celebrate love. Valentine's Day. With all the daily movement sometimes we forget that all good things come from love. This morning I take the little girl to school. She is having a very difficult adjustment period with this new school and I cant figure out why. Granted everyone in her class is like a year older and for the 2s and 3s that's like dog years. They are so far more advanced in their conversations and interactions. But academically that is where she is right now. She is an only child and so most of the socialization is at school and extracurricular activities. New school is always difficult anyway, and I notice when I see her a lot of time spent doing her own thing. However she was that way in the other school. My daughter is a person who constantly seems to roll like a lone dove. I see her at parties and in school and she is there but really not close, she is more of an observer. Yet her friends and peers really love her. Many times I dropped her off at her old school and the children would run to her screaming her name in excitement. She would stand there, allow them to adore her and go in about her business. As the children in the new school get to know her I see a similar pattern but they are still quite aloof because she isn't interacting as they are just yet. We all hoping her adjustment period comes to fruition soon.

Yesterday I realized that this is a lonely plight and it hurts my soul. Has my child, already, developed her mother's issue of feeling alone in a crowd. Always doubting her worthiness to participate where she clearly was meant to be. My daughter is extremely intuitive and I as I have said before I trust that in her. Yes it is new but she knows that she is being required to step her game up and this is a different kind of environment to get her to the level she needs to be. 

When you see your child grow from a small totally dependent person into an independent, expressive aware person you should realize that is "overwhelming love" at work. Good, bad or what have you as I witness my daughter's journey what she feels I feel even greater because I understand more about it. Watching her learn and grow, teaches me so much about life, people and circumstance. I know this isn't the fluffy hearts and flowers version for such a day but I have an exquisite love and I want to make sure I put out into the Universe that I am grateful to have this experience!

Appreciate the love that has been given to you through the angels we call our children!

Cheers, enjoy the day!


  1. Wow! Love this entry. It seems to me like she takes alot after her mom and that's a wonderful thing. I think as she gets older she will appreciate that observer-side of herself and at the same time she will also have lots of positive friends. Wishing her all the best at her new school! :)

  2. Thank you DoS! She is flourishing thus far and you see I will keep you posted! Stay in touch!