Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 New Year, New Inspiration

Wow! Yes, its another wonderful year!! Mind you, the first month of 2012 is half over and I am just making the first post of the year. Chalk it up to busy mommidom! Okay so a brief recap of the last few months. My partner's daughter just celebrated her first birthday!  Happy Birthday Princess!!! Here is the most amazing part, as if turning "1" year old isnt enough, our miracle baby has breezed through the first year rather effortlessly. Her mother knows better than I, but as a close witness I have watched her blossom from an extremely tiny infant into a vibrant and robust baby girl! So proud of our 40plusbaby!!!

As for my shining star she is a world-wind at 2 years old. I simply refuse to get into the "oh she is 2 and a half now" of it all. That was so last year with the "she is 17 weeks". I dont remember being that mom, but who knows its possible that at one time I may have been that cheesy. My girl is running fast into 3 years old in a few months. She is awesome, intense, smart, and simply hilarious. I never knew a person could have this much personality before the age of 5, sin "Rudy Huxtable. If you are a friend and follow my Facebook posts you have first hand witness the antics, quips and great photographic accounts of my little "minion"!

The interesting part of this portion of the journey is the fierce independence we are both craving. She wants to do so many things on her own. I feel myself squeezing her tighter and tighter every chance I get because I see my baby growing so fast that I can't blink. As well, I am also catching glimpses of my old self. Getting a few more restful nights (this not being one of them) and feeling like I can get on back to who I am to a certain degree or explore who I have become more.

Not being one for a resolute approach, I am clear that given my age and the fact that it will continue to progress, I have a little one to keep up with. Thus the commitment to change my physical, mental and spiritual approach to it all is in progress. In an interview today I was asked "what motivates you?", my answer shocked even me. "Laziness!" I am so clear on the effects of being lazy, that I realize for the life I deserve; and to make sure my daughter doesn't inherit a century old lineage of being sedentary, laziness is not an option.

Socially, January means a new beginning. For this 40plusMommy it has to be about beginning new patterns and commitments. Kiss your babies for me!

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  1. Thanks Chana, I look forward to following your posts!

  2. And I look forward to your feedback, Diva Mom!!!